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One must be prepared for travelling abroad in advance, it takes proper planning and execution to identify and sort students in groups for departure, selecting the most cost-effective route and above all understanding, the students temperament travelling for the first time. Our travel Divison team members are experts at this, they would not only plan your trip but would remain with you till your adjustment in the Hostel /Accommodation of your desired University. Don’t Worry about your excess baggage, they got it all covered!


We understand how it is to live abroad for the first time, to inform you and prepare you for abroad travel we Organize an event before departure. In this event, we provide you with an insight into the student’s life, and in this event, you would also meet other students and parents who will be heading abroad. We would also distribute Departure Kits to every student.


Our Travel Division has tie-ups with reputed Foreign Exchange Dealers. They will assist you with Transfers, Currency Notes, International Debit Cards, and Demand Drafts. They will also help you with Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, Loss, and Accidental Insurance. All of our services are to make your Travel Abroad Experince hassle free.


Getting a Study VISA is not an easy task, Our travel Division has a 100% success rate for VISAS, they will help you with the entire VISA process which includes:

  • Application Filling
  • Financial Statements
  • Training for Mock Interviews
  • Police Character Verification
  • University Confirmation
  • Invitation to Apply

Few countries have a paper-based VISA application system while some have an online system, our Travel Division would navigate you through the entire process and they will also help you draft a Study Plan required by some Consulates. Our Travel Divison would timely update you about any development and Advisories.

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